Stuff… So much stuff!

I’ve previously posted about how my partner and I are currently saving for a deposit on a house. In the meantime, I’ve decided to rid myself of all the horrible, tacky Ikea furniture I have (tallboy chest of drawers and a wardrobe) in favour of some real, antique non-flat pack furniture.

We’ve decided on the Victorian era with regards to wardrobes and chests of drawers and gothic revival slash arts and crafts for our bed and other items of furniture (jardiniere stands and such) and we’re now scouring the country for bits of furniture we can actually afford.

Unfortunately for me, I currently live in a terraced 3 bed house built in the 1970s so it isn’t blessed with the Victorian treatment in ceiling height and room size. I’ve just found out that the tall boy chest of drawers I’ve fallen in love with won’t in fact,  fit up the stairs in my parents house where I’m currently residing (we can tell by looking, even without the Ross from Friends’ “PIVOT…. PIVOT…..”)

To say I’m gutted would be an understatement.

So, it’s back to the drawing board and I’m now left with a large hole where my hideous Ikea chest of drawers sat until 2 days ago when I sold them on a facebook group to a very happy lady. If I could find a Scottish Victorian chest of drawers that will fit up the stairs and round a corner, you’ll be the first to know!

Planning for the future also puts into question your past. At least, in my case, my past that is currently sat in multiple vintage suitcases on top of (previously stated) hideous Ikea wardrobe. I have collections of CDs from when I was 17 and a member of the band HIM’s street team; I have all the Ozzy and Sabbath CDs I collected in my youth, I have memories in the form of STUFF – so much stuff and so many memories.

But what do you do with all those memories? My loft (or rather, my parents’ loft, which I have temporarily commandeered) is chock full of memories too – my rail of 1940s and 1950s clothing that I will never get rid of, 1950s furniture that I loved and now hate and can’t shift, suitcases full of winter clothes/summer clothes depending on the season and even more mementos all tucked up in various sized boxes…

You know the things… the keyrings you bought on a trip to the seaside with your best mate from high school, and the coat you wore at your fattest (yes, I do still have my ‘fat coat’) and the clothing you used to wear but don’t so much any more, but still won’t throw out because you might some day…

I’m now facing a rather hard decision about what will go and what will stay. I simply cannot keep it all, I simply don’t have the room.

How do you know which mementos to keep and which ones to throw away?





  1. I once read that moving house, and all which that entails, can be one of the most stressful experiences in a humans life. When you really think about that sentence, it seems a bit rich and over dramatic – but then again, it is the movement of your entire sanctuary and all the material goods you associate with your identity, as well as the changing of a location you call home, comfort and a safe place. Its a mini life switcheroo.

    I used to be a little bit of a hoarder in that I would get very attached, clingy and sentimental with little mementos and items symbolising my past, experiences etc. In particular, I used to have a notice board on my wall. It was one of those cork backed ones that you stick things one with thumb tacks. I had it from I was first in secondary school, around 11 or 12 years old. It started with sticking up some photos, then stickers, the keyrings, then pretty much anything I could forceably defy gravity with via the use of thumb tacks. It became a monster, took on a life of its own, and sprawled well past its own perimeter frame, taking up extra wall real estate.

    When I do big spring cleans, over the years I have had to force myself to become more and more ruthless, and just load binliners up with things I think I need to hold on to. You get more and more used to doing that. When you do it a few times, you realise that you rarely miss any of the junk you through away. I’ve it dwindled down to one large plastic container box, which holds only my most staunchly sentimental material items. It reminds me of when I get a new computer every 7 or 8 years. I think about all the photos, videos, documents on there; and I think “wow, I’m gonna have to transfer all this data over to my new computer when I get it!”. When I do get it, the old one just becomes forgotten about, never switched on again, and all the internal data I created there becomes obsolete and left behind – never revisited.

    On the other hand, I have a worrying amount of t-shirts. Some of which I class as ‘too good to wear’, incase it becomes faded etc. Some of them are still just mementos that I fool myself I am going to wear again some day.


    1. That’s a very good point! I have thrown things away and not regretted it. However, neither of my parents have anything from their childhoods; too many house moves, pilfering family members etc means that they have taught me to treasure things. It’s a hard one isn’t it! When is too much stuff, too much? I guess we’ll see when I come to box it all up and move into our new house! Aaaah! Haha.

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