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Lapel Pins and Fetish…

If someone was to ask me what one thing I couldn’t live without in my wardrobe, it would definitely be my leather jacket. I’ve been a leather jacket gal ever since I was given a leather jacket by my Auntie Jackie back when I was about 7 years old. It was my cousin’s but she didn’t want it, so it became my pride and joy (until I got fat a few years later and it no longer fitted me!)

These days, my leather jacket is a biker style, but cropped. I have womanly 40″ hips and a standard ladies leather biker jacket won’t do up around my curves. I’m also 5’2″ so they’re always too long on me anyway.

So, this is the jacket that you will rarely see me without……leatherjacket

But, no leather jacket is quite right until it’s been personalised in some way.

On my daily browsing of Instagram I came across a ‘thing’ I admit I never knew existed – lapel pins on leather jackets that has apparently been a thing for decades!

I stumbled across an independent business called Little Whip who makes the most spectacular lapel pins I’ve ever seen and they’re just so ME!


Image Copyright: Little Whip

Pictured above is the Trois collection; Desire, Giallo and Jute pins available as a full collection for $27 (currently sold out!)

And here is my jacket with the pins that I bought; the packaging it just TOO CUTE!!!


I found the cutest little bat pin on ebay for £1 so I started with that, then added the gorgeous Little Whip pins once they’d arrived from America. They are so worth the wait, seriously. I’m so in love with them.


And here I am, modelling my favourite jacket and my new pins!


And my next purchase will be this fabulous baseball top with a latex glove and whip on the front… I have a thing for fetish I think….